After months of searching we’ve found our new boat. A 1990 CS34 named Dionysus.

It was a lengthy and painful process. Buying a boat of this size is nothing like buying anything else. It takes forever! Our initial budget was $20k less than what we spent, but after looking at a few boats we realized the amount of work and the condition of the boats weren’t that great until we increased our budget. We really wanted to have two separate cabins and there’s not a lot out there in that price range.

The owners of Dionysus were the original owners. Vik, was an engineer and you could tell. Everything was documented, labeled and maintained. We found the ad by chance and then struggled to coordinate times to see the boat. Vik was particular about the weather and the conditions so things had to just align perfectly before we could get to the boat. We persevered and eventually signed the sales agreement.