I couldn’t find anything in the manual or online. Since I was frustrated at the lack of information, I collected what I could on this dinghy and included it below.

Inflating the Zodiac CF285

First of all, take note that the foot pump is capable of delivering two pressures (I had no idea at first).

Open up the boat and flatten in a in clear area. Ensure the inflatable keel under the floor is lined up along the center line of the boat.

Inflate the keel-floorboard to full pressure. Double check still lined up properly.

Inflate the one of the main buoyancy tubes to about 80%.

Inflate the second buoyancy tube. Then go back and top up first.

Press the floorboard down and ensure it’s wedged in properly.

How the valves work on the Zodiac: There are two, one on each side tube (buoyancy chamber).

The valve for the floor and keel (there is just one valve for both) is a standard valve.

Snap in the seat

Install and assemble the oars

Careful of the heat, remember air will expand when heated up so keep an eye on the air pressure in all three valves. The pressure will also drop when the boat is placed in cool water.

Putting the boat away

After cleaning and drying.

  1. Remove the oars
  2. Deflate the boat and leave caps off*. You can use the foot pump to suck last bit of air out, if needed.
  3. Remove the seat
  4. Fold the boat up:
    1. Fold in the two side buoyancy tubes into the middle.
    2. Fold transom (3) toward the bow on top of (2).
    3. Fold the two buoyancy tube cones over the top of the transom.
    4. Pull the bow all the way back and past the transom.
    5. Tuck the bow underneath.

* the official manual says put the caps back on but I always find there’s always a bit of air left that needs to be squeezed out when folding.

Put it back into the bag.