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Camelot Island 2022

We leave Sugar Island and end up on the dock at Camelot Island, we see a few old friends and meet some new ones, including another CS34 owner.

Week on the Boat and Fishing for First Time

We leave Brakey Bay and end up at a nice anchorage north of Sugar Island. Lori has a successful day fishing for the first time!

Heading to Thousand Islands – Brakey Bay

It’s our first trip to the Thousand Islands this season and Lori and I are soo excited! Our first stop, Brakey Bay.

We Are Sailing Again… Finally!

Engine is running again, still needs some minor adjustment but she’s running smoothly and not leaking any fluids. We are finally cruising again, as much as we can!

Weekend with Friends on our Floating Mastless Cottage

When summer is quickly sailing by and you still don’t have a mast, you make the best of it that you can. We spend the weekend on the boat with friends.

Canada Day with the Sheepdogs at MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company

We hangout in Loyalist Cove on Canada Day and see the Sheepdogs at the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company with our daughter, son-in-law and newborn grandson. It’s sad, Foggy still didn’t have her mast and the engine was still being repaired…. Continue Reading →

Quick Sail in California

Work travel is starting up again. I flew down to a customer site in California and one day after work I was treated to an early spring sail.

Cobourg to Loyalist Cove for Haul Out

It’s the end of the sailing season, things starting to get cold It’s time to head back to Loyalist Cove in Bath, Ontario to have our boat hauled out. We spread it out over three days.

Thousand Islands 2021

A summary of our trip to the Thousand Islands in August 2021.

Sandy Bay to Cobourg

It’s the last day of our vacation in the Thousand Islands and we are still a long way from our home port. We wake up early, early for us, and leave Sandy Bay and head to Cobourg. It was a… Continue Reading →

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