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adventures aboard our CS34 sailboat

Cobourg to Wiggers Custom Yachts

It was that sad time of the year when we needed to take the boat out of the water. We left it late and were unsure what the weather would be for the sail to Wiggers for lift out.

Installing our new Mantus Anchor

We replaced our lost Bruce Anchor with a brand new 35lb Mantus anchor. We don’t want to lose a second anchor, so we decided to add a Mantus Anchor Mate to help secure our new anchor.

Holding tank deck cap stuck

Another project we didn’t want to deal with was added to the list. Our pump out was stopped when we attempted to open our holding tank screw cap. It would not budge. We ended up striping both the cap and… Continue Reading →

Sailing blog user stats

I started this Blog back in May 2016 and mostly do this to collect my research and document my “learning moments”. It’s been interesting to see how many others are visiting this site. Here are some stats on this site.

New stainless bar in galley

It doesn’t look like much. But we saw this on another boat and it’s just the start for us to organize our galley a little bit different.

New cockpit line organizers

We didn’t like how our cockpit lines were piled up around our winches and decided to try installing some line organizers. We purchased them a while ago but finally worked up enough courage to put our first five drill holes… Continue Reading →

We now have Power in Cobourg!

Exciting news, we just received notice from Cobourg on August 7 that they were able to restore our shore power!

Three days with Grumpy Gramps

We decided to take the in-laws out for a three day trip to the Bay of Quinte. It was a two boat trip. With four in Grumpy’s boat, Mis Led, a 27 foot Carver powerboat. Lori and myself were responsible… Continue Reading →

Cobourg Marina Review

Our home port with plenty of things to see and do within the city of Cobourg. A. Cobourg Marina Office and the Cobourg Yacht Club.B. Fuel and pump outC. “The wall” visiting boats can dock here, or can be assigned… Continue Reading →

Trent Port Marina Review

This has to be one of the nicest, if not the nicest, marina on Lake Ontario. A. Entrance to transient dock, “I”. If your slip number is odd, you are on the North side. If your slip number is even,… Continue Reading →

Beautiful sunset anchored off Cobourg Beach

We invited a few friends out for a night on the boat. There wasn’t enough wind for a sail so we motored out in front of Cobourg Beach, dropped our anchor, and enjoyed the evening.

Fog in the marina

We were staying on the boat while my son attended another summer sailing school at the Cobourg Yacht Club. After the crazy rain we had a spooky foggy night on the boat. Here are a few pictures from that night.

Anniversary trip to Trenton

For our wedding anniversary, Lori and I left the kids behind and spent a few days on the boat by ourselves. We decided to head up to Trenton for dinner and stayed at our favourite marina, the Trent Port Marina.

Murray Canal

A. Brighton Road swing bridgeB. Abandoned railway swing bridgeC. Carrying Place swing bridgeThere is also a smaller abandoned bridge between A and B. I believe it connected Hutchinson Road and Pigtail Corners Road. I feel like we are getting better… Continue Reading →

Canada Day in Cobourg

You know Canada day is approaching when you start getting calls from the marina confirming if you will be around or not. And like all previous years it was another great weekend to be in Cobourg. Despite all my grumblings… Continue Reading →

Brand new lines

This year we are updating the running rigging on our boat. Our existing lines looked like they were sitting for some time and were getting stiff and brittle. Each line had a subtle colour difference but we wanted to make… Continue Reading →

Keeping track of all the work on a sailboat

Everyone knows buying a boat is only a small part of the expense. There’s ongoing costs for maintaining a boat along with all the maintenance projects that quickly add up. This list can become big and daunting if you don’t… Continue Reading →

Isomat boom maintenance – putting it back together

Ever since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver I loved to take things apart. It was the next step of putting it all back together that I sometimes failed at. I was successful in taking our CS34 boom… Continue Reading →

Mice are not that cute

This winter we found out we had mice in our basement. We didn’t see them at first, but we found evidence that they were there by the sorted food in our Rubbermaid boxes.

Replacing the vinyl striping and name

Our vinyl striping was looking a bit rough and we now have a new name for our sailboat that we wanted to apply. After a bit of research we found a few options and watched several YouTube videos showing us… Continue Reading →

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