As you’ve probably seen in our many posts, we tend to forget things. OK, truth is I forget things and Lori is always reminding me. This page is still a work in progress and will contain our checklists that will serve as reminders for me.

Not all of these exist yet, it’s just a to-do list for me. If the link works it means I’ve found time to complete it. If the link doesn’t work, well then it’s something I haven’t gotten around to yet.

  1. Spring sailboat recommissioningnot complete yet
  2. Preparing to stay on the boat on the dock, with shorepower
  3. Preparing to stay on the boat, without shorepower
  4. Leaving the boat unattended on the dock
  5. Leaving the dock
  6. Starting and stopping the engine
  7. Day sail checklist – safety gear
  8. Winterize boat for end of season

If you are looking for our Macgregor checklists, I’ve archived all of these checklists under Macgregor 26x Checklists.

I’m always interested in hearing your suggestions and feedback. Please leave a comment and I will try to incorporate them into my checklists.