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We lost our anchor

It was a rough day, and we now know what it sounds like when your anchor rapidly descends from the bow of your boat.

Cobourg to Waupoos

This is our first real trip on our new sailboat. We planned on hugging the shoreline and making the decision to take the outside or inside route once we were close to Presqu’ile. Our final destination is to anchor in… Continue Reading →

Thousand Islands – Mulcaster Island

A generous 10:1 ratio on our anchor meant close to 100 feet of rode. Wind and current were favourable at bed time, pulling us away from the island. But this changed overnight, the wind direction shifted and we are now… Continue Reading →

Thousand Islands – Our first anchor

It was a beautiful day to sail with some good wind. We started with sails reefed to keep things a bit more level than last time. Still learning where to run lines and realized we didn’t have things setup right… Continue Reading →

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