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Cobourg to Loyalist Cove for Haul Out

It’s the end of the sailing season, things starting to get cold It’s time to head back to Loyalist Cove in Bath, Ontario to have our boat hauled out. We spread it out over three days.

Heading home through Murray Canal

We survived the storm in Belleville and now complete our journey, mostly motoring, back home to Cobourg through the Murray Canal.

Cobourg to Waupoos 2020

Our plan is to take the outside route on Lake Ontario to get to Waupoos and anchor near Half Moon Bay. Our plan failed at the first step of waking up early.

Cobourg 2019 Racing Season

I was invited out to race this season, every Wednesday night on a 28 foot Laser keel boat. Yes, Laser built a keel boat! And am I’m slowly making my way up the sailing crew ranks from my rail meat… Continue Reading →

Beautiful sunset anchored off Cobourg Beach

We invited a few friends out for a night on the boat. There wasn’t enough wind for a sail so we motored out in front of Cobourg Beach, dropped our anchor, and enjoyed the evening.

Canada Day in Cobourg

You know Canada day is approaching when you start getting calls from the marina confirming if you will be around or not. And like all previous years it was another great weekend to be in Cobourg. Despite all my grumblings… Continue Reading →

Bluffers Park to Cobourg

Today is the day we get to take our new baby home. We convinced our friends who own a CS40 to join us for this trip since we had no idea what we were doing. This is our first real… Continue Reading →

Living on the boat for the Youth Learn to Sail program at Cobourg Yacht Club

We enrolled our kids into the Cobourg Yacht Club’s sailing program. And decided to live on the boat while they were taking the course. We thought it was an awesome way to take sailing lessons, living on a sailboat and… Continue Reading →

July in Cobourg

It’s been a fun month, we’ve had several guests out to our boat and have gone out for a few day sails. But the best part is always the dinner and the drinks back at dock.

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