It’s been a fun month, we’ve had several guests out to our boat and have gone out for a few day sails. But the best part is always the dinner and the drinks back at dock.


There’s always seems to be a lot going on around Cobourg, with Canada day celebrations.


To the amusement rides on the end of the board walk.


Or just boat watching, there are a lot of transient boats that come through Cobourg. It’s always fun getting up early in the morning, grab a coffee from the marina and walking the docks having quick conversations with all the visitors.

And don’t forget Dean Marine, the local marine shop. The building looks small but the owner is really helpful and can pretty much get anything you need.


Just spending the night out in the boat, taking in the fresh air, watching the sun go down, the subtle rhythmic twanging of lines slapping against metal masts are the best way to end a busy day.


Even our dog, Barley has settled into life on the boat in Cobourg.


His non-official job at the marina is geese control. He comes for our morning walk and loves to bark at the geese camped out on the grass in front of the Cobourg Yacht Club until they eventually wander off to a different location to poop all over.