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Port Whitby Marina to Toronto Island

Day 2 of our trip to Toronto Island, we leave Port Whitby Marina and head into the inside harbour for the first time. Yes, we were nervous.

Cobourg to Port Whitby Marina

Day 1 of our trip to Toronto Island takes us from Cobourg to Port Whitby Marina on a beautiful sailing day and Lori begins her sailboat racing career.

Thousand Islands Aug 2018 Summary

A summary of our 2018 Thousand Islands trip.

Heading home

The weather finally improved enough for us to leave Kingston and continue our journey home. It took most of the day to get to Trenton marina. Next morning we took the Murray Canal and arrived home in Cobourg late that… Continue Reading →

Stuck in Kingston

With heavy winds and nasty weather continuing to hit us we decided to stay another day in Kingston.

Leaving Thousand Islands Early

After just arriving in the Thousand Islands, we had to head home early.

Kingston to Leek (Thawartway) Island

We made it to the Thousand Islands! We left Navy Bay in Kingston and made our first stop at Thwartaway Island, also known as Leek Island.

Waupoos to Kingston

We have a less than stellar launch from Waupoos and accidentally drop our genoa. The rest of the trip was beautiful and we find a perfect anchor spot in Navy Bay.

Waupoos Marina

We leave Half Moon Bay and motor 45 minutes into Waupoos Marina where we unexpectedly bump into our sailing instructor.

Cobourg to Waupoos

This is our first real trip on our new sailboat. We planned on hugging the shoreline and making the decision to take the outside or inside route once we were close to Presqu’ile. Our final destination is to anchor in… Continue Reading →

Bluffers Park to Cobourg

Today is the day we get to take our new baby home. We convinced our friends who own a CS40 to join us for this trip since we had no idea what we were doing. This is our first real… Continue Reading →

CS34 Launch

Today is launch day! We are so excited and extremely nervous at the same time! It’s been crazy getting to this day and lots to learn and logistics to figure out. Launch is scheduled for 11am today. Borrowed my brother… Continue Reading →

Criss Cross – New Owners

With mixed emotions, we have sold out boat! Sad to see her go, but her new owners, Mariana and Juan, are going to be amazing and we know they will take great care of her!

CFB Trenton Marina to Presqui’le and then home

We headed back towards Presqui’le and made the journey back through Murray Canal without incident. OK… maybe one incident, we had to wait this time for one of the bridges to open. And I was in the situation where the… Continue Reading →

Belleville to CFB Trenton Marina

We had another late start (compared to the other sailboats). We used our morning to fuel everyone up with a delicious pancake and apple breakfast. You thinly slice the apple, put them into the pan and then pour the pancake… Continue Reading →

Picton to Belleville

Slept in and had a late start from Picton.¬†Went to fuel harbour for gas to top up one of the tanks, second tank still full.¬† It’s just across the bay from the yacht club and doesn’t offer much more than… Continue Reading →

Napanee to Picton

The journey out of Napanee felt quicker this morning. Once we were out in wider water, we tried to sail but not enough wind. We have a 2 knot rule. If the wind consistently keeps us under 2 knots, time… Continue Reading →

Trenton to Napanee

Starting to realize that most sailboat owners are crazy. When I get up, most of the boats we saw docked the night before are all packed up and have left well before 7am. Lori and the kids are usually still… Continue Reading →

Presqu’ile to Trenton – Murray Canal

This was our first trip through the Murray Canal and we were both a bit nervous. We had to use the radio to call ahead to the two separate swing bridges and knew we would have to navigate some narrow… Continue Reading →

Cobourg to Presqu’ile Yacht Club

We had the boat all packed up, dinghy rolled up on the foredeck and got to enjoy a beautiful night before heading out on our week long trip. Our first stop this morning is the Presqu’ile Yacht Club.

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