The CS34 Sailboat came with several engine options. The Universal M4-30 was the upgraded option providing 25hp vs 17hp. The engine is setup as a direct drive on the CS34, unlike the v-drive configuration found on the CS36T.

Starboard side of Universal M4-30
Port side of Universal M4-30

I’m not 100% sure of the history but I’ve heard this engine called a Universal M4-30 and a Westerbeke M4-30. I think it was originally a Universal but it is now owned by Westerbeke.

M4-30 Stats

Horsepower25@3,600 rpm
Maximum RPM 3,600 rpm
Cruising Range 2,600 – 3,300 rpm
No Cylinders4
Bore x Stroke2.60 x 2.45
Cubic Inch51.9
Compression Ratio23:1
Electrical12 Volt – 51 Amp w/Glow Plugs
Transmission Reduction2:1
Propeller RotationRight Hand
Weight270 lbs
Operating Temp165 to 195 Degrees F

Direct Drive vs V-Drive

A v-drive can be pushed further toward the stern of the boat. The engine would be mounted backward with the transmission towards the bow of the boat. It takes up less cabin space and shifts the weight rearward but it adds a bit of complexity and loses a bit of flexibility.

A direct drive goes directly from the transmission to the drive shaft and provides easier access to the front of the engine from the cabin. The CS-34 sailboat is setup with a direct drive.

Source: TMC Owners Website (site no longer exists)

Suggested spare parts to carry on board for the M4-30 when close to shore

  • V-Belt
  • Sea water pump impeller
  • Universal 300209 Oil Filter
  • Universal 298854 Fuel Filter
  • Racor R24S primary Fuel Filter
  • Transmission uses Automatic Transmission (ATF) Type A, or Dexron II (GM), or M2 C33G (Ford)
    0.58 US quarts / 0.55 litres
  • 10W40 Engine Oil
    4 US quarts / 3.79 litres
  • 50/50 Coolant
    3 1/2 US quarts / 3.3 litres
  • 35 Amp Inline Fuse

Universal Manuals

Tractor Engine

I’ve heard from a mechanic that worked on our engine that the Universal M4-30 engine is marinized version of a Kubota tractor engine. I also found these pages:

Which claim the Universal M4-30 is a Kubota Y850 block.

Our mechanic believes it is a L345 Kubota tractor engine. I think both may be correct, it’s a Y850 engine found on the L345 Kubota tractor.