MUST HAVE ON Macgregor 26x

  1. One lifejacket or PFD for each person
  2. One buoyant heaving line at least 15m long OR one lifebuoy attached to 15m buoyant line
  3. One watertight flashlight
  4. One 5BC fire extinguisher
  5. One manual propelling device OR one one anchor with minimum 15 m rode
  6. One sound-signalling device (whistle, horn)
  7. One bailer or manual bilge pump (not if boat cannot hold enough water to capsize)
  8. Navigation lights (only operating at night or reduced visibility)
  9. One magnetic compass (larger than 26’3”)
  10. One radar reflector (not needed if in limited traffic conditions and good visibility)
  11. Six flares of type A, B or C (not needed if within 1 nautical mile of shore (fresh water))


  • For #5, we have both a paddle and an anchor on our Macgregor.
  • Not sure if we really need #7, with the Macgregor’s foam floatation the boat isn’t supposed to be able to capsize. And the Macgregor has a powered bilge with water sensor. If that’s not enough, we have buckets and cooking pots in our galley we can use in an emergency.
  • Boat shorter than 26’3″ but still have a magnetic compass.
  • Boat has navigation lights.
  • We do not have a radar reflector, but stay out of larger waters in limited visibility.
  • Have a whistle on life jackets and an air horn on board.

Need for longer trips and in unknown waters

  • Navigation charts
  • Notice to Mariners
  • Sailing Directions
  • Tides and current table
  • List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals

Other things to bring:

  • Drinking water and snacks
  • Spare clothing in watertight bag
  • Tool kit and spare parts
  • First aid kit

Source: Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide