Our night at Mulcaster was nice. A few houseboats had rafted up on the dock next to us and a pack of other boys aged 4-13 swarmed the island. Our kids wanted to go out for an adventure on their own and took the dinghy for a paddle around the island. They were secretly followed by mama bear on shore to make sure they were OK. They saw mom, but they played along and pretended not to see her. We saw beavers, flying squirrels, herons and an osprey fishing.


There was very little wind so we slowly motored through the islands and checking out all the different bays, houses/castles along the water and boats.



Running low on supplies (aka alcohol) so making a run to Rockport today. And I guess we can pick up other things like ice, milk and bread while we are there. Then on to Grenadier Island. Park in central part, heard of shipwrecks that are fun to snorkel down to. Wind nice today but coming out of NE, same direction we want to go. But we don’t care, just will zig zag our way there.

Thousand Islands Bridge

This was an important milestone for us, we saw the Thousand Islands Bridge during our trip to Adelaide, from the water! Not so long ago, we crossed this bridge on our driving adventures down to the US. Each time we looked down and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if we could be on a boat down there? One day!”. Today was the day! And it is just as good as we thought it would be.



Rockport – Andress Boat Works

My favourite marina, for a number of reasons. There’s a larger marina around the corner, but this one is close to a little town and the marina has most of everything that you need. Just needed to be careful of the waves at the dock, our boat bobbed and swayed back and forth with each passing boat.

We filled up with gas and went to the store to buy a few supplies. We were deflated when we heard that there was no liquor store in town. The closest one is 10km away! The guy behind the counter felt our pain. You could see him think about it for a second and then said… OK, follow me. We got in his truck and he drove us up to the liquor store! Our spirts were high again and we set off for Genadier Island with a few suggestions on places to stay from our new best friend at Andress.

We had the wind coming directly at us and other sailboats motoring in front of us heading toward the same area we were going. So we took advantage of our speed and cranked open the engine after exploring a few spots along the way, we made it to Adelaide in just over two hours.