Lori had to work and I wasn’t feeling all that great for some reason. I was suspicious of the empty bottle of Canadian Whiskey in our kitchen.

I was determined to get some work done on the boat today, I finally dragged myself out to the boat around 3pm to try and knock a few things off our list.

The hull needed to be cleaned and waxed.

Since we the water hose is too far away washing was a two bucket affair. One smaller bucket of soapy water and one larger bucket of clean water for rinsing. Strange sticky tar like chunks were hard to scrub off.

Waxing went alright, I used rubbing compound to remove some of the more stubborn stains, it works amazing. The trigger for the power buffer is right where I like to grab to pick it up. I only sprayed wax on myself two times.

By 7pm I was tired and done. Quickly packed it and went home.

The final result is at the top of this post. Well worth it. But I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be. Only port side is done, starboard is tomorrow’s project. It was a pain having to continually move the ladder. I’m going to bring a few 2x4s and try to build a scaffold across two ladders to see if it makes it easier.