It’s that terrible time of year, the previous sailing season is a distant memory and spring still feels so far away. Here are the videos we watch to lift our spirits while our boat is tucked away hibernating through the winter.

My Favourites

Sail Life

Mads and Ava takes us through the transformation of their Warrior 38, Athena. Some great woodwork and maybe a little too much electronics, but very interesting to see. It’s pretty dang spiffy!

Here’s a good one to learn more about Mads to see if you like it, then I suggest going back and starting from the beginning.

Sailing Uma

Dan and Kika take us through both some very impressive boat maintenance and some epic adventures around the world aboard their 1972 Pearson 36. You will appreciate their unique and practical design and learn a lot about the pros and cons of running a 100% electric boat. You will see some of their designs as inspiration for our boat!

Here is the very first video of theirs I watched 5+ years ago.

Project Atticus

We followed Jordan and Desiree on their little rough 30 foot Allied Seawind sailboat, Atticus. Lots of great adventures and repair videos. It has been amazing to see them progress over the years and now so happy to see they have upgraded to their dream boat, a 1997 Pacific Seacraft 40, Atticus II.

Here’s a good one to watch:

Sam Holmes Sailing

Sam has some great videos as he works on his boat, I like that his projects are more true to life with minor mistakes and looking for cheaper solutions.

Here’s a good starter video with a bunch of projects in one video:

Boatworks Today

These are fantastic videos if you want to learn more about fiberglass and gelcoat repairs. Does a great job making it all look easy.

Here’s a great starter video covering different types of fiberglass repair.

Sailing Millennial Falcon

This couple will keep you entertained, down to earth and fun to watch. It’s a good mixture of sailing adventures, boat maintenance and sailing tips. Join Khiara and Adam aboard their 1981 Tayana 42.

Here’s a good starter video where they take you through the costs of boat ownership.

More Great YouTubers

Adventures of an Old Sea Dog

Older boat Saddie that he’s fixed up over the years. Great humour, and suspicious that “tea” is a code word for beer. Not the fastest sailor and boat a bit cluttered but always enjoy watching his adventures!
Captain Q, Yacht HunterProvides interesting and informative walk throughs of all sorts of sailboats. Great videos to watch, learn and possibly find some boats that you may be interested in buying.
Christian WilliamsA true sailing poet. Solo sails to Hawaii from California aboard an 1984 Erickson 38 and documents his trips. Sometimes you can see the “sea mind” kick in after being at sea alone for numerous days.
Sailing JocoJust started watching these two. They’re just getting started out. Videos are not as polished as the others but they are constantly getting better.
Sailing PopaoNot much experience with this one either, but they like to spearfish!
Free Range SailingTroy and Pascale tour around Australia in a small 30 foot sailboat. Great content and one of my favourites to watch.
Rigging DoctorThis couple have some interesting informational videos. Not too sure about the introduction of a parrot recently. They’ve done a few ocean crossings aboard their Morgan 45.
Cruising Off DutyCraig and Janice share their adventures aboard a 35 foot Beneteau Oceanis. They are local and interesting to see their reviews of places we’ve sailed on Lake Ontario.
Salt & TarWood frame boat with concrete ballast they built themselves.
The O’Kelly’sA couple sailing down south aboard a very nice catamaran. They are fun to watch and their weather related videos are informational.
Sailing Yacht FlorenceBritish couple on a 37 foot monohaul (Oyster Heritage).
Expedition EvansRestoring a huge 49 foot Beneteau boat. Bret and James Evans. Haven’t watched many episodes yet, but looks interesting.
Sailing Into FreedomCrazy Australian, hit by lightning, swims with sharks and has some of the best spear fishing videos. I prefer his older videos, his newer videos is more about the bikini guests he has on the boat.
Sailing Good Bad & UglyThis couple started with a pretty rough fix ‘er upper and have recently upgraded. Entertaining to watch.

There’s a few others that are popular but we’ve drifted away from, for various reasons. But still worth checking out. SV Delos, Ryan & Sophie, Sailing Lavegabonde, Sailing Doodles, Gone with the Wynns.

If you have your favourites, please use the comments to share!

Our own videos

I don’t think we’ll ever be YouTubers. I’m not that exciting to look at in a bikini, we don’t do crazy things and my video editing skills are so so. But we do have some short videos I think are enjoying to watch. Below are some of my favourites.

Drone footage of us anchored off Sugar Island. This is where the drone bit Lori’s finger on landing.

Short video of our brand new sails from Precision Sails.

Going through the Welland Canal with our friends, Dave & Regina aboard their CS40 sailboat named Vitae.

Diving down on the anchor in Half Moon Bay, near Waupoos.

This next video is long and not very exciting, but it is extremely relaxing. Turn up the volume, listen to the water lapping against the bow as we coast towards Napanee.

A rough entrance into Wiggers Custom Yachts this was scary at the time. It’s a narrow entrance, with rocks on the right and a shallow ledge on the left forcing you to stay close to the rocks. As we return our boat to Wiggers at the end of the season it’s a bit rougher than usual. We made it. The boat behind us didn’t. They got stuck in the sand to port (near green lighthouse). Looking back on the video it doesn’t seem so bad now, we’ve been in bigger waves on Lake Ontario.