• Check tire pressure
  • Inspect bearings all bolts
  • Check all lights
  • Inspect trailer winch line
  • Confirm plate, registration and insurance
  • Surge brakes can be tested by braking gently to a stop then confirming each brake drum has released properly by tapping with a metal object, should ring clearly.

Boat hull

  • Inspect hull for dings, scratches and chips
  • Scrub hull
  • Inspect antifouling paint and re-apply, if needed
  • Ensure depth/speed sensor clean and positioned properly
  • Clean and wax hull

Boat deck

  • Scrub deck
  • Inspect for dings, scratches and chips
  • Inspect all connections/bolts


  • Inspect lifelines
  • Inspect spreaders and all stays
  • Inspect all lines and halyards


  • See Yamaha 50hp Outboard Maintenance page for details
  • Inspect prop for dings, cracks
  • Replace motor oil
  • Replace transfer case grease
  • Check fuel filter
  • Check all fuel connections (the primer lines have popped off before)
  • Inspect spark plugs and replace if needed (some replace every season)