Exciting news, we just received notice from Cobourg on August 7 that they were able to restore our shore power!

We were one of the lucky ones, power on our dock has full power. And it was a bit strange to see the lights on the dock light up for the first time this season!

It’s a good feeling to see the shore power cable hanging off the bow of the boat again!

Even our dog is happy!

Not having shore power in your home port takes a toll on your enjoyment of your boat. We encountered the following issues:

  • Not able to run the fridge, so we had to keep buying ice. Which was an added cost $3/bag and drained into our bilge. And we had to empty the fridge each time we went home. No more leaving cold beers in the fridge for the next visit.
  • Careful monitoring the batteries every time we visit the boat. Ended up pulling one of the batteries to charge at home.
  • Borrowed a portable generator to have, just in case. Fortunately, we never had to use it. But we had neighbours that loved to use theirs throughout day and night.
  • We started walking up to the local library to re-charge our electronics. I actually enjoyed this.
  • Two trips to Bay of Quinte to stay at Trent Port Marina and Meyers Pier Marina to get away and as a bonus, recharge our batteries.
  • Work on the boat that required power tools had to wait.