This has to be one of the nicest, if not the nicest, marina on Lake Ontario.

A. Entrance to transient dock, “I”. If your slip number is odd, you are on the North side. If your slip number is even, you are on the South side.
B. Trent Port Marina office – follow the sidewalk and second entrance on right.
C. Fuel and pump out dock – call on channel 68 before going over to make sure there’s someone there.
D. Metro grocery store – a short walk to re-stock supplies
E. Trenton Public Library
F. A few good restaurants in this area right on the water.

Trent Port Marina is the starting point for the Trent–Severn Waterway and two locks (Lock 1 and Lock 2) are located just past the bridge. You will find a lot of interesting “loopers” staying over night on the dock as they complete the “Great Loop”. See Captain John’s interactive Google Map for the Great Loop route, it’s over 5,200 miles long.

Google Maps:
Trent Port Marina Website:
Phone:  +1-613-392-2841  or toll free: +1-866-485-2841 
VHF: Channel 68

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton is just east of here and you will enjoy seeing some interesting aircraft fly by or some sky divers practicing. The National Air Force Museum of Canada (NAFMC) is just up the road. You may want to take a taxi, or bike, it’s about 4 km (2.5 miles) away.


You will need to go up river a little bit to get around the breakwall. Look for the giant red “I” and enter that gap. This photo is from inside the marina looking out.

If you call ahead on channel 68, the helpful staff will be out waiting to catch your boat.

Docks are clean, new and well kept. Depth and weeds are a bit of a concern so keep an eye out. Our alarm went off a few times saying it was less than 10 feet deep.

When you exit the Trent Port Marina dock, you will need to pass through this gate. Look for the little round metal button to the right of the door to open.


I’m going to start with the restrooms. These are one of the highlights since they have about 10 of these private rooms with your own shower, toilet and sink. And they are always spotless clean.

On premise laundry is also spotless, and free!

Waiting room is nicely set up with a TV to watch the game or news. Something we don’t get, normally we only have our downloaded Netflix shows on the boat.

Trent Port Marina has a two nice Weber BBQs available for use. We took advantage of this for feeding a large group of 10 at the docks.

If you’ve forgotten some herbs, or just want fresh, then help yourself.

If you don’t want to eat on your boat then there’s plenty of areas to sit down, surrounded by gardens.

If you forgot something, or if something broke (imagine that, something breaking on a boat, never happens!) then there’s a small marine store right on the dock.

The Trent Port Marina is located close the the Candian Forces Base so you will see all sorts of interesting plans, jets and even sky divers practicing in the area. Don’t worry, it’s not that noisy and we’ve never been woken up at night.

Random thoughts on Trent Port Marina

You can probably tell, I’m a big fan of this marina and we have gone there a number of times. It’s a good distance from Cobourg for us to do a day trip or if we are taking the Northern Route through the Bay of Quinte to get to Kingston and beyond. However, if the weather’s nice and we are trying to go East then we prefer to skip this route and take the Southern Route around to Waupoos. It’s a much better sail and there’s some good anchorages near Waupoos that we really like.