One of our issues with keeping our boat in Cobourg is that you are on open water (Lake Ontario) and there’s no close place to anchor overnight. We recently discovered a spot close by.

Presqui’le Bay is about 24 nautical miles East of Cobourg and we noticed during our trip back from the Thousand Islands a few sailboats anchored near the Brighton Public Dock, also called Presqui’le Point Public Wharf. We decided to check it out, and it was great!

As you enter Presqui’le Bay going through the narrow marked channel North of Presqui’le Point you will pass the red lighthouse.

You should see the public wharf just afterwards. I’ve seen other boats go directly in there but we’ve continued along the marked channel past the next green buoy and then do a 90 degree turn towards land. Our last anchor spot is marked on the map below.

Be careful of the depth, charts say it’s five feet but it was around nine feet with weeds reaching up a few feet. They were just scraping our keel. Holding seemed decent, we had one night with strong NW winds and we didn’t drag at all.

If you feel like heading to land to stretch your legs, you can use the public wharf.

Depth looked decent, but we didn’t dare try to bring Foggy into the wharf. There’s Foggy anchored out there to the left and our dinghy at the wharf on the right.

There’s not much here. Just a park with some swings and a slide. But it could be a good place to have a friend drive out and meet you on your boat. If you feel like a long walk, there is a restaurant and a Brewery about 8km away. There’s also a small store within Presqui’le Provincial Park.

We didn’t spend much time on land, we enjoyed time with family on the boat. It’s a beautiful spot. Fireworks seem to be popular in the area for some reason. And you will often see large bonfires at the cottages along the shore. Although some of these “cottages” are ridiculously huge.

Here are some photos from our trip with our family.