On our last sail of the season we had another sailboat recognize us. We felt like superstars!

We were heading East on Lake Ontario, heading to haul out Foggy in Loyalist Cove. It was an overcast but clear day, on a starboard tack pinching the wind. Autopilot on, in relaxed mode with books out.

Up ahead in the distance we noticed another sailboat going in the opposite direction (Westbound). I thought it was my imagination, but did they just steer toward us? It’s a huge lake, there’s lots of room. And remember, we’re sailboats so this is all happened at slow speed. Ten minutes later, they approached even closer. The books were put down, moved back to the helm and kept a closer eye on them.

A few minutes later were even closer. Ok, there was still more than 100 meters between us, but it felt so close when you can only see one other boat on Lake Ontario. We slowly glided past each other, both with a look and a wave. It was a nice looking CS36 Traditional. A few seconds later the VHF radio crackled to life.

Foghorn Lullaby, Foghorn Lullaby, this is Bellos, Bellos, Over

We had a quick chat on another channel and we found out that they recognized our boat and came in closer to double check. We felt famous! The owners, Nick and Stacey, were heading in the opposite direction to Wiggers for haul out. After a quick chat we connected later via e-mail. Thanks for making us feel famous!

Situation at Wiggers

We found out that Wiggers Custom Yachts was unable to dredge the entrance to their boat lift. So they were organizing crew in powerboats to come out and tilt your boat at 30-45 degrees to get you past the shallow spots. We were nervous about this. Last season it was a bit rough and couldn’t imagine also having to deal with shallow water. This is why our heading was in the opposite direction towards Loyalist Cove for haul out.

Unfortunately, Nick, wasn’t notified about this issue and ended up getting stuck in Cobourg for a week waiting for better weather. They then posted some videos of their experience on Facebook:


Screenshot of video from Nick and Stacey’s Facebook

They were a lot calmer than I would have been in that situation. Especially when you see one of their rails touch the water.

You should also check out some of Nick’s videos on his YouTube channel, Sailing Madrigal. His videos are good!