Another CS34 owner from the CSOA forum joins Foggy in Cobourg. I take the opportunity to buzz around their boat with my drone as they arrive at Cobourg Marina.

Capriccio is a beautiful clean boat. Bob and I spent the afternoon geeking out going over all the similarities and differences between Foggy and Capriccio. They did a great job at keeping things down to what’s necessary and not cluttering Capriccio with a lot of extra gear. Improvements made were well thought out and done with the goal of keeping things simple. I really liked it. There are some great ideas and improvements on their boat that I’m definitely interested in doing myself.

  • Added some great eagle seats – these really opened up the available space for more people in the cockpit.
  • Updated LED lighting – Lori has been wanting to change from brass to stainless in the main cabin and will really like these lights.
  • Much beefier furler – a local manufacturer with a huge drum looks like it would furl even in the biggest storm.
  • Painted window trim – we removed our plastic covers but Bob painted his black. I would have never thought this would have looked good until I saw how well it blended in the window latches.
  • Bug screen inserts – let’s face it, the lewmar bug screens are overpriced, impossible to insert correctly and are overall a huge pain in the … Bob made some inserts that easily popped in from the inside.
  • Split engine access panel – getting to the engine seacock requires removing a huge panel from under the aft cabin bed. It extends underneath both mattresses and is a pain to get to. Bob split this panel into two making it much easier to access.
  • Shelf above sink – we added a simple stainless bar, but Capriccio has a really nice wooden shelf for additional storage above the sink.

Also very impressed with the stack pack on Capriccio. Currently Foggy’s lazyjack lines are still messed up, a project for next weekend. One of us gets to go up the mast to fix.