A summary of our trip to the Thousand Islands in August 2021.

We love the Thousand Islands area, but it’s a bit of a journey from our home port of Cobourg. This year we decided to shorten the number of days to get to the Thousand Islands and also to see how we would do sailing non-stop for over 24 hours. It was a success, but I was tired afterwards!

We travelled over 270 nautical miles between destinations (not including the extra mileage we added tacking back and forth against the wind).

Sailing for 26 hours – Cobourg to Kerr Bay, Amherst Island near Bath, ON.

Our night was a bit rough, a storm rolled in during the night.

Storm in Kerr Bay

Next morning we continued our journey but decided to take it a bit slower and went a short distance to Confederation Basin Marina in Kingston, ON.

Kerr Bay to Confederation Basin Marina

The next morning we pushed on to the Thousand Islands. A few spots we wanted to stay at were full so we went back to our trusty anchorage just North of Sugar Island.

Kingston To Sugar Island

We needed to unwind. The stress of work, planning this trip, packing, and sailing to Thousand Islands was adding up. We decided to do absolutely nothing for a day or two. And it was just what we needed.

We didn’t do too much, except explored.

Exploring Sugar Island from the Water

Also decided to launch the new drone from the boat for the first time. Launch went well, landing didn’t go that well.

Drone Attack

After two nights on anchor by ourselves we decided to be social again and headed over to Camelot Island and experienced dock life for two nights. We met some great people!

Camelot Island – Dock Life

Running short of supplies, aka beer, we head into Gananoque for the night.

Night at Gananoque Marina

We decide we would rather slowly head back home and explore rather than stay in the Thousand Islands and rush home later. We head to Navy Bay in Kingston, ON.

Gananoque to Navy Bay

Friends offered to visit us in Picton in their car and drive us around to the various breweries in the area. I was impressed by the wide variety of options in the area!

Picton Brewery Tour

We meet up with more friends in Picton and take them out to Hay Bay to spend the night. It was their first time out on the boat with us. We had a bit of wind that night but Foggy held firmly on her anchor. Next morning we drop them off in Picton and continue our journey home, stopping off in Sandy Bay for the first time.

Sandy Bay

Next morning we are up early to make the final journey home. We leave Sandy Bay, motor through the Murray Canal and arrive safe and sound back in Cobourg.

Sandy Bay to Cobourg

Overall, it was another amazing trip to my favourite place to hang out, the Thousand Islands.

Things that broke:

  • Fridge compressor fan
  • Baby stay shackle
  • Raymarine wind sensor
  • Raymarine GPS worked on and off, need to replace the battery in the remote sensor
  • Lori’s finger from the drone
  • Line organizer in the cockpit
  • Still having issues filling diesel with vapor lock

Things we fixed:

  • Fridge compressor fan, ordered new more efficient and noisier fan online
  • Line organizer in the cockpit, I had a spare on board
  • Lori’s finger has made a full recovery
  • Autopilot wandering less by updating settings using “Catalina Cocktail Recipe”