It’s our first trip to the Thousand Islands this season and Lori and I are soo excited! Our first stop, Brakey Bay.

Lori and I had a week off work could quickly get to the Thousand Islands from our new home, Loyalist Cove Marina. This is a huge change for us. When we kept the boat in Cobourg it would take us 2-3 days to get there. We have been very happy with this change. Although, we do miss visiting the stores and restaurants in downtown Cobourg.

We arrived at the marina Friday afternoon after work with Car packed full of supplies. Found a good parking spot next to a car with a Canadian/Ukrainian flag.

There was an interesting looking CS36 Merlin in the slip next to our boat. They just arrived from a long trip and were too busy for me to ask them questions about their boat.

Their davits intrigued me.

The boat was loaded with gear. I experienced some davit envy. Look how high they can lift their boat out of the way! Also very curious what that large grey box is with thick wires running into the bottom of it. Anyone have any ideas?

Our plan for the day was to head East and get as close as we could without really pushing ourselves. We targeted Brakey Bay on the North East side of Wolfe Island. We heard it was a good spot and the winds were light and coming from the right direction, South.

We spent the morning getting the boat ready and left around 1:30pm. It was a fairly calm start with winds picking up later on in the day.

It was nice to start light, we were still playing around with our new North Sails Quick Pack and added a new red and white reefing line. The second reefing points on our new main sail are higher than our old one and our previous reefing line was cut too short. This is a good thing, this means our sail area is much smaller with second reef. I will create a post later on the new North Sails Quick Pack later. So far it has been a bunch of frustration but the quality is good and I believe I’ll get it setup correctly soon.

As predicted, the winds picked up as we near Kingston we see a few other boats and the race is on!

We made decent time sailing all the way and arrived in Brakey Bay around 5:30pm. This was our first time in this bay and found a few other sailboats already anchored. Depths were 25-20 feet out to the opening of the bay. Weather was going to be gentle so we didn’t bother tucking in too far into the bay.

NOAA Chart 14802

We found a good spot right next to this nice boat, a CS 36 Merlin. I don’t normally see this many Merlins!

Here’s the view of the other sailboats anchored in the bay.

Later that night, this sailboat breezes in under sail. I was impressed with how easy they made it look to anchor single handed under sail.

It was a calm, uneventful night. Other than Foggy’s mast likes to amplify sounds in the water. One of the neighboring boats started up their generator in the morning. We could barely hear it across the water but the mast was humming away with it.

Sailing Statistics

August 13, 2022
Loyalist Cove Marina to Brakey Bay, Wolfe Island
Weather: Slightly cloudy
Distance: 25.5 nautical miles
Total time: Less than 5 hours
Time under motor: Approx 15 mins.
Time under sail: Approx 4 hours 45 mins.