Engine is running again, still needs some minor adjustment but she’s running smoothly and not leaking any fluids. We are finally cruising again, as much as we can!

It always seems like there’s a lot going on. This is the time of year where we want to be on the boat as much as possible and there’s lots of things pulling is in different directions. We are now grandparents, our two boys are grown up and will both be at University this September and we have three new family members staying with us. I hope our friends all realize that now is the time we want to be on the boat as often as possible and don’t get upset when we say, “nope sorry we can’t hang out, heading to the boat!”. Don’t worry, fall will be here soon enough and we will have lots of time to hang out again. OK, enough blabbing let’s talk about our trips!

Weekend with our new family

We bring our new family members with us out for a weekend to Kingston. This is their first time sailing and we experienced a little bit of everything.

Left Loyalist Cove and anchored on the North Side of Simcoe Island (1). It was a nice calm day had a nice NW wind and cruised slowly at 4-5 knots with just our headsail. It was a beautiful day to hang out on anchor.

The next morning Lori cooks up a tasty batch of French Toast.

We then take another quick sail, turn around and head into Navy Bay (2). There was just one other boat snuggled at the far North side of the bay, we pulled up and anchored next to them, with some respectable distance.

It’s a beautiful spot, right next to Fort Henry.

We took the dinghy to shore (it took two trips) and explored downtown Kingston. We had to grab a beer, of course! By the way, this is now my favourite restaurant in Kingston, Diane’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse.

A wallet was found on a park bench and we couldn’t see any obvious owners close by. So I opened it up and found their ID. We now had a face to ID in the crowd. I approach one person and call out the first name from the ID. They just look at me as if I was some weirdo (not saying they are wrong) so I carried on the search. I see another person that looks similar on their phone. I call out. They turn to me and say “ya, how do you know my name?”. I tell them, “if you can tell me your last name I’ll give you this wallet”. Their eyes lit up and they quickly hung up the phone. They answered correctly and they gave us a huge hug and was bouncing with happiness for at least five minutes. We did our good deed for the day.

Back to the boat for the night, it was a calm and clear.

Next morning it was Sunday and time to head back home. Sad times. But the wind picked up and we had a really fun sail back home. Our new sailors all did great, the boat was heeled over and everyone was comfortable and getting into the groove of helping with our tacks.

It was a beautiful weekend out! Can’t wait for the next adventure!