When summer is quickly sailing by and you still don’t have a mast, you make the best of it that you can. We spend the weekend on the boat with friends.

Poor foggy still without a mast. But we head out and check out the area with some friends. Here’s what she looks like from the air.

You can see Loyalist Cove is struggling a bit with the weed build up. They do look pretty bad up close, but check out how clear the water is!

I think they were having some issues with the machine responsible for clearing these. Usually the water is much clearer than this.

The clubhouse was now ready to be used and looks fantastic! We took advantage of the microwave for warming up some of our food. We don’t have a microwave on board Foggy.

loyalist cove clubhouse

The drone is also a great way to take a selfie.

Despite not being able to go out for a sail, we still had a great night with good food, a few beers and some good friends. The weather cooperated as well.