A quick summary of 2022 since I never posted anything…

Well, I have to say things just “got busy” and haven’t had a moment to keep up to date on our blog. I have notes, photos, diagrams, maps, logs from all our trips but no time to compile them all as separate posts so I’m going to cheat and give you a quick summary of what’s happened since our last post. 

Didn’t mention this earlier. On top of engine problems, our neighbour’s tree fell down on our car port after the big wind storm and “deracho” in Ontario. This took almost a year to get completely fixed. We were fortunate it only damaged the car port. 

Short sail with the kids and overnight anchorage in Amherst Bay.

Anchored briefly in Wemps bay and swam with the cows. We stayed far away. Funny to see the cows just hanging out in the water close to share. 

We take out our son’s girlfriend’s parents for a sail from Collins Bay to Kingston. Spend the night in Navy Bay and explore downtown Kingston. It was a bit too rough of a trip, we were bouncing around in the gap and one of our guests got sick. They were a trooper and immediately bounced right back for the rest of the trip.

We drop them off in Collins Bay with some high winds coming from NW. I lined myself parallel 20’ from the fuel dock and let the wind push us over. Using the engine to keep us parallel. That was a mistake, I didn’t realize how fast we would go sideways. The fenders did their job, but amazed how much they squished down! 

We turn right around and head back to Navy Bay for another night. Joined by a boat with a great name, “Gran Imaginacion”.

Another CS anchored close by.

A few larger ships going by Navy Bay.

We continue on to Gananoque and stop off at the day dock to pick up our daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

Of course we had to stop in at Gan Brewery for a quick refreshment.

Then continued on to Metro to resupply our food and the LCBO to resupply our alcohol. We did well in moderating ourselves. Mostly because we were walking and only had our backpacks to carry everything.

We also learned that Lori really likes to fish. Which works out great, I don’t mind hanging out in the dinghy while she fishes and don’t mind cleaning the fish. Just don’t have the patience to actually fish myself. We tried perch for the first time. It was fantastic, but there was not a lot of meat in these small fish. 

As we leave Gananoque we see another really nice CS34, Okinami. I really like their davits, powerful enough to lift their dinghy and motor.

We anchor off Sugar Island. It was a beautiful calm night.

Next day we explored the island, swam, and fished. It was beautiful weather for being out on the water. We get my grandson ready for sailing by setting up the lines for them and start teaching them the difference between a sheet and a halyard. He’s still struggling a bit with his bowlines. That’s alright, I struggle with them sometimes too. 

We drop the kids off back in Gananoque and then Lori and I continue back up into the Thousand Islands. We met up with friends with a CS40, Vitae, near Ninette Island. 

After a few more days exploring the Thousand Islands we head back. Weather turned a bit wet.

We decided to stay in Confederation Basin. Booked a slip and decided to head into town for some live music.

I may have, and I still think it’s just rumors being spread by Lori, had a bit too much bourbon that night. Didn’t feel like beer and they went down easy. It was a fun night. Next day wasn’t that great so we decided to stay another night in Confederation Basin Marina. 

Took the following picture of the tall ship, Saint Lawrence II, outside of Bath. I really liked this one and had it printed up on a canvas and it now sits proudly on our wall at home. 

In October, we go out for one final short sail and overnight in Stella Bay. We met up with our friends with a CS40, Vitae, again. 

Foggy from above.

Vitae from above.

October 24, we de-masted Foggy and had her lifted out and moved to her cozy spot at Loyalist Cove Marina for another winter hibernation.

It was a good year. A bit of a slow start with some engine issues and getting used to the new happy pack. But I feel like we spent a good amount of time on the boat this season.

We get back to Foggy in November to finish up the winterization and get her winter cover on. Lori gives her one final hug before we head home.