After months of searching we found the perfect boat for us to start our sailing adventures, a 2002 Macgregor 26x that has been lovingly cared for.

Borrowed the in-law’s truck to drive 4+ hours to Sarnia to pick it up.

Peterborough to Sarnia

Google Photo Album – Bringing our new boat home

A few lessons learned:

  • There is more than one type of trailer connector and wiring connector! Who knew! Fortunately my brother-in-law has every conceivable ball hitch for his truck but the wiring connector was round and the trailer was flat with four pins. A quick trip to Princess Auto and found the right adapter. At least I thought it was the right adapter, it had five pins. Too upset to make another drive to Princess Auto I was able to adapt (aka force) the adapter to work.


  • Trailers have a different turning circle. Pulled into a gas station on the way home, a bit nervous with all the cars around but we had to do it. Perfectly take the corner around the gas pump ¬†only to realize that the boat wanted to take a tighter corner and was about to broadside the gas pump. After a few awkward minutes of backing up and readjusting we were able to fuel up without any scrapes or damages.

Made it home with only one other incident in a grocery store parking lot. We HAD to buy some celebratory beer. We now know that a large truck with a 26′ boat on a trailer doesn’t even come close to fitting in two car spaces. It made sense in my mind but after parking we quickly saw that we were blocking traffic.