Finally figured out what was wrong with motor today. It was a simple fix. After poking around under the engine cover I noticed the primer lines had shaken loose and a few were detached. Now we can open up the engine and the boat saw 14 knots. I’m sure we gave some people on shore a chuckle seeing a sailboat go that fast.

We went for a short trip upstream to the lake and tried out the anchor for the first time. It’s a light aluminum Fortress anchor and I was a bit doubtful. However, it held surprisingly well and easily bit into the mud. Owen was keen to learn so he was in charge of laying the anchor and did an awesome job.

Tried out the app our instructor told us in our Sail Canada course, Drag Queen. The chart plotter also has an anchor alarm but I find it difficult to set and the alarm isn’t that loud.


This has been one of my favourite trips in the boat now (mostly because I fixed the motor).  It was also a great feeling being out in our own personal part of the lake for the afternoon and jumping in the water for a swim to cool off every now and then.