We had the boat all packed up, dinghy rolled up on the foredeck and got to enjoy a beautiful night before heading out on our week long trip. Our first stop this morning is the Presqu’ile Yacht Club.

Filled up both tanks, one almost empty, added 23.35 litres, second tank almost full and took under a litre. Left Cobourg at 9:15am, sailed with a good westerly wind, arrived at the Presqu’ile Yacht Club at 3:45pm.

Navionics Cobourg to Presquile

We slowed down this time as we passed High Bluff Island to watch the birds (waypoint 1 in chart above). The trees and shores a lined with birds and you can see the swarms skimming across the water. Not sure of the rules around this island, so we gave it a wide birth.

Presqu’ile Bay and Presqu’ile Point

Felt like we did a much better job navigating past Presqu’ile Point and through the narrow portion along waypoints 3-4. Arrived at the Presqu’ile Yacht Club and grabbed a spot at dock 7 without incident. Last time we tried to tack upwind through the buoys but it was too much work, and we become a bit of hazard zig zagging across the narrow passage. This time we dropped the sails just past waypoint 2 and motored in.

And just like last time, for some reason the wind really picks up in this bay. Great spot for sailing a smaller boat.

Presqu’ile Yacht Club

This was our second time at the yacht club. And it’s one of my favourites. It’s smaller and doesn’t have much depth, I believe all boats are under 30′. The setup there is really nice and cozy and everyone we’ve met there has been very friendly and helpful.

Kids blew up the dinghy and took it out to go explore the reeds and try fishing.

We always like the vibe at the Presqu’ile Yacht Club. It’s a great facility with nice showers, deck, kitchen and BBQ. Although this time, we had Al, the harbourmaster on site. He was more thorough in asking about our boat, ID and club affiliation than last time.

It was a quiet night but for some reason I couldn’t sleep and was up at 6am, so I took advantage of the separate fully stocked kitchen at the club house to make coffee, tea and pancakes for everyone. They were finally up at 9am to enjoy it.

We met a couple from Toronto, they had a nice little 25 foot O’Day sailboat called “Luff Affair”. They were out for a month! We were jealous. They planned on staying at the club for another day and then were going to be heading out in the same direction as us. Maybe we would see them on the other side of the Murray Canal.

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t forget a hat. Thanks Monica for having an extra Cobourg yacht club hat that I could borrow!
  • Don’t start motor while it is still out of the water.
  • How to setup Raymarine and have routes uploaded from Navionics
  • Make sure jib furling line is not stuck under the dinghy
  • Don’t be an edgy bossy skipper, yup, I need to work on that.
  • Set up a pee safety rope between back two mooring line cleats so that we could put around our chest while the boys peed off the back.
  • Chicken curry avocado wraps were amazing!
  • Owen learned that pressure x volume equals a constant.