Slept in and had a late start from Picton. Went to fuel harbour for gas to top up one of the tanks, second tank still full.  It’s just across the bay from the yacht club and doesn’t offer much more than gas. I had to run up the street to Mac’s for ice. Surprised everyone with some bottles of pop and ice cream as well.


We made the decision to head back to Belleville. Concerned about the length of time it would take to get back if we continued on. Thought about Sandy Point and Wapoos but both meant taking a chance going on the outside with colder waters and possible big waves.

It was uncomfortably hot with a little tail wind. We motored all the way up to entrance to Napanee. Passed a ketch slowly sailing along. We weren’t as patient.


Lori heated up some yummy curry en route. Owen started a science experiment with algae in bottles. Which one would survive better, with or without added sugar?

Put the sails up in a bit of a headwind and got 3-4 knots beating back and forth. Eventually at 5:30pm we decided we were running late and put motor down.


Arrived Belleville and Lori called Marina and got a spot for us. It’s a big marina  with a nice funky bar on the Pier. Kids took the shortcut and rowed across in the dinghy. We took the long walk around. Thurs night special burger and a beer for $11.


The bar was great, Wifi was terrible, the showers were solid concrete boxes that made you feel like you were in a prison, and the atmosphere here was more “power boat” than the other marinas we have been in. There was even a sign posted to confirm this feeling.


But we still enjoyed our night at Belleville. It was the end of another beautiful day on the water. Although we did not “tie our halyards in a manner to reduce the clanging”. 🙂


Lessons Learned

  • Need to find a  more convenient location to grab ice in Picton. The run up to the Macs convenience store was about six blocks.
  • Sometimes you need to spend time with the sails up and not caring about how much headway you are making. What’s the rush? Sit back with a hand on the wheel, trim the sails, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Update December 30, 2018

Take another look at the picture above with the kids taking the dinghy across. There was a sailboat at the gas bar and I remember we were admiring the boat. Not realizing what type of boat it was. Now take a closer look.

CS34 in Belleville

Funny how a year later we purchased the exact same make and model of boat. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to talk with the owners back then!