This was our second trip to the Thousand Islands, our first trip we were able to trailer our Macgregor 26x up to Gananoque in July 2016. This time we didn’t have the option of trailering our new CS34 boat so we needed to spend much of our vacation just traveling to and from the Thousand Islands. And we were nervous of taking the outside route to Waupoos marina for the first time.

We saw a much smaller portion of the Thousand Islands this trip, but it was still worth it. 

Mouring Ball at Thwartway Island

Day 1: Cobourg to Half Moon Bay, just south of Waupoos

Day 2: Half Moon Bay to Waupoos marina

Day 3: Anchored in Navy Bay, Kingston

Day 4: Explored Kingston and stayed in Navy Bay a second night

Day 5: Mooring ball at Leek Island, Thousand Islands

Day 6: Started heading back because of weather, stayed in Confederation Basin marina, Kingston

Day 7: Stuck in Kingston for another day

Day 8: Long trip back home, stopped in Trenton

Day 9: Navigated Murray Canal and arrived back home at Cobourg

Lessons Learned

  • Close the forward hatch before unfurling the genoa.
  • Marine heads are finicky and needed to be treated with respect.
  • Weather happens, deal with it. But don’t let a schedule force you to sail when it’s not safe. 
  • Lori’s sailing personality comes out after two hours under sail.
  • How did we ever live without an auto-helm before!? 

We are now much more comfortable with the larger forces encountered with a larger boat. The winch is your friend! And always be aware of potential energy stored in the boom and lines.