It doesn’t look like much. But we saw this on another boat and it’s just the start for us to organize our galley a little bit different.

After drilling holes in our fiberglass cockpit for our new line holders this project wasn’t as bad. We only had to drill two holes in our teak cupboard for the base plate.

I decided to go with a simpler looking slide on stainless tee fitting since it would have less exposed screws. What I didn’t know is that the vertical stainless bar is held in place with a screw that is hidden under a plug in the teak railing around the sink. So I had to pop the plug and didn’t do a great job at preserving it and now need to find a replacement plug to cover the screw underneath.

If you want to go for a simpler install, get the tee fitting that comes apart. This would allow you to install without having to remove the vertical stainless bar.

Parts list for this project

Purchased everything from Holland Marine.

DescriptionPart NoAmount
Cast Stainless 90 Rectangular 90′ 1″ 30-25$16.00
Tee Fitting 90′ 1″40-13$19.00
Stainless Heavy Wall Piping 35″
Stainless screws (used existing)free

The stainless pipe was purchased about a 1/4″ too long and I used my cordless angle grinder to cut it down to the exact size.

The stainless screws were found in our box of extra stainless hardware. All added up with taxes it is about a $75 project. It was very easy to do and we are very happy with the results.

What’s next?

Well… we are still deciding/debating/discussing that. Lori has an idea for some neat looking cloth pods that would hang from the horizontal bar. Originally I wanted to use this to add a drying rack that would fold down over top of the sink. I thought IKEA had the perfect solution for this, but we’ve not been able to find it. If you have any thoughts, leave us a comment!