We replaced our lost Bruce Anchor with a brand new 35lb Mantus anchor. We don’t want to lose a second anchor, so we decided to add a Mantus Anchor Mate to help secure our new anchor.

Installation is very simple. Our Mantus Anchor Mate is similar to one below, installed on starboard side. All we needed was a new bolt.

The existing bolt was 3 3/4″ long. We purchased a new 4″ stainless bolt and a new lock nut to replace it.

We installed the Mantis Anchor Mate in the spring while the boat was still out of the water. Again, it was very easy to install. It just needs one bolt.

There is a second bolt that is used for adjusting the angle. This is much easier to do when the boat is back in the water. It involved holding the anchor at the desired angle while pressed against the anchor mate and marking the position. The angle was determined based on how the shank lined up along the roller and into the anchor locker.

Here’s what the anchor looks like from the bow. We are glad we decided to go with the 35lb anchor, I think it looks good! Originally we were thinking of going for the bigger 45lb anchor. I think it would have been too big.

The Mantus Anchor Mate does a good job holding the anchor in place with just the one quick release bolt at the top of the shank. The tight clearance into our anchor locker is making us a bit nervous. We are looking to utilize the second hole part way down the shank to further secure the anchor. Right now we have it tied off with a piece of rope.

Overall, we are very happy with the installation and security of our Mantus anchor!

Things to do:

  • Replace existing roller with a new roller with a deeper groove to limit side to side play. Or thinking of adding spacers around first hole at top of shank.
  • Fabricate or buy a second metal bolt to replace the rope. We are lucky that the second hole in the anchor shank and the hole in our roller are very closely lined up. Maybe we’ll get a padlock for use in areas where we are worried about anchor being stolen.
  • Considering adding a Mantus Swivel.
  • Clean up all the spider webs!