With Lori’s wacky schedule these days she got a day off while I had to work so she headed back to the boat to work on some projects.

You can see in the picture above, the epoxy patch we made on the sugar scoop looks a lot better now that it’s been sanded. It was easier to sand than expected. Even with it being overloaded there were a few pockets left. We think these are small enough to be filled in with the gel coat.

Speaking of gel coat, we messed that up. We were using a colour matched sample from Holland Marine. And yes, the colour did match perfect… but… we didn’t realize gel coat requires a hardener until we noticed it remained tacky after a day. So we need to figure that out. This is a good reminder, we are not experts here, we are still figuring things out!

The teak is looking great again, it was thirsty for teak oil! This is our folding table in the main cabin. We have a crazy idea to completely remove and re-design since we find it too big and in the way most of the time.

Our fridge was a bit moldy, even with the lid propped up over winter. It’s now all cleaned up, just need to double check the drain is clear. And there’s a few chips, maybe once we are more proficient with gel coat we will patch these as well.