Foggy Friend Video: CS34 Shakedown

One of our Foggy Friends recently bought their own CS34 and just published this great YouTube video of their new boat.

It’s great to see other CS34 boats, they are all very similar but have their slight differences. From what I saw in the video there’s a some differences that I really like:

  • Nav instruments on the coach roof next to the clutches. On long passages we have auto-pilot running and rarely sit at the captain’s seat. So we are constantly stretching around to view our instruments on the binnacle.
  • Folding wheel! Would love to have one of these, getting to the captain’s seat requires a bit of a crawl over the bench.
  • Nice sized bimini and dodger. We love ours, it’s great for cooler nights in the cockpit but it’s more setup for comfort at dock. When we sail it’s obscuring most of our view of the sails.

Great video, we hope to see more soon!

1 thought on “Foggy Friend Video: CS34 Shakedown

  1. Craig Lisk says:

    Nice video… This is the first CS34 I have seen like mine Seaya Later #8247 that has only one port hole in the aft cabin. Most others I have seen all have 3.


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