Finally, after several years of trying to get back to the Thousand Islands we are heading out today!

We have two weeks off, the boat is ready (mostly, good enough), we have someone staying home watching the dog and Lori is bouncing around home getting final things ready, whistling and giggling.

The last few years have been tough, with our plans being cancelled or changed at the last minute for various reasons. We were anxious, there were clouds looming over our plans this year again. But it looks like it is actually going to work out this year!

One last project being completed at the last possible moment, our solar panel is being installed today. The MPPT solar charge controller is already installed and tested. Should be done by noon! Fingers crossed!

Plan is to head East, outside passage to Waupoos, then Kingston, to the Thousand Islands and then we’ll just see where we feel like going. If you are in the area, and feel like chatting, hail us on channel 16. Or look for the sailboat with the two very happy people on it! I’ll try to post light updates here as we go.

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