Our proposed solution

First step is to get to Foggy and sail to her new haul out location. Will drive to Cobourg and leave our car in the parking lot there (1). We will then sail East, and depending on the weather, take the northern route (2a) through the Murray Canal or the southern route (2b) around to Waupoos. It’s a 1-2 day passage so we will have options to stop overnight on either route on our way to Bath (3).

We won’t have a vehicle in Bath so the plan is to rent a moving truck big enough to hold our cradle (5′ 9″ x 11′ x 3′ 8″). Pack up all our gear from the sailboat into the moving truck and then drive back home (4).

After unloading the truck, we will drive to Bowmanville to pick up our cradle (5). Then to Cobourg to pick up our car we dropped off there (6) and then drive both the truck and our car back to Bath.

Unload the cradle at the marina and return the rental truck. Back at the marina (7) we will finish up preparing the boat for lift, e.g. prepare mast, pump out, diesel fill up, … and at 2pm the travel lift will take Foggy to her winter hibernation spot. And then we will drive home.

After the marina winterizes the fresh water systems we will go back to check in on Foggy and install the winter cover. Yes, another four hours of driving! Really starting to consider moving to Kingston. In the spring we will change the oil, filters and water impeller.

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