What a wacky strange puzzle of chrome plated finger pinching poles that magically attach only one correct way. I think there are four possible ways of connecting the rear bars. We must have invented 4 or 5 new ways because it took a bunch of tries before we got it figured out. Or maybe it’s still wrong, who knows. At this point, I don’t care, it’s good enough. And already tested it out in the rain.


It’s definitely nice to have all the extra room under the bimini, but the dog isn’t too happy about not having a chance to run around on shore.


Lesson learned: Today’s word of the day is “topping lift”, we have a boom kicker that keeps the boom raised, but it’s flexible and the boom was bumping against the bimini. Then I finally figured out that the main halyard can attach to the end of the boom to pull it up while the main sheets pull it back down and prevent it from swaying.