Our Macgregor has a pretty simple fresh water system, two water bags connected to a manual water pump in both the kitchen galley and the bathroom. The old pipes were a bit gross with black gunk in them. The previous owner mostly day sailed and I doubt that these have been used for a long time.

Bought some brand new clear pipe, four 1/4″ pipe clamps and two new five gallon plastic water jugs. Here’s what it looks like now, much better!


Since the title of this is called Macgregor Water System, I should also mention there’s a third spot for water inside the boat. It’s in the back of the toilet, used for flushing.

Lessons Learned

  1. The water bag for the bathroom is hiding underneath the cooler.
  2. A little bit of soap helps make connecting the hose to the faucets and water bag spout much easier.
  3. Water pumps work much better when you open the valve on the water bag’s spout. Twisting the pipe turned it off when I placed it back under the sink.