The end of another season and the start of  winter storage woes. We started thinking of different options for storage, from indoor, to neighbours yard, to marina. And ended up going back to the free option of the family farm again. Last year was OK, but it was a constant worry that the tarp wasn’t going to hold. We decided to pay the extra money and have the boat professionally shrink wrapped.

We finally found time to bring in the boat on the last possible day, the marina was warning us that the docks were going to be pulled the following week.  The marina was empty, the marina brought in a crane the week before to pull all of the other sailboats out. Since we trailer, we didn’t have to pay for that!


Brought the boat home and cleaned it right out. We like to completely empty the interior and give it a quick scrub. All of the metal stays inside the boat. Also use the trick of putting bounce dryer sheets throughout and a chemical dehumidifier to keep away the mildew smell.

For the shrink wrap, I found a company that brings their equipment to your door. Spoke with them briefly on the phone and they said they would be by around noon. I went out at noon to see if they had arrived and saw that the boat was already 80% covered!

I wish I saw more of the process, I just saw them heat up the plastic and watch it form to the shape of the boat. All of the metal bits poking out were nicely padded and it was all securely tied down. Drove the boat out to the farm for the winter, even though they said the shrink wrap would have no problems on the highway I took the back roads up and didn’t go over 90 kph.

And here’s her cozy spot for the winter. See you in the spring!