UPDATE Summer 2019: Bluffers park is currently closed because of high water levels.

Bluffers park is a beautiful area just east of Toronto. There are several marinas in the area, and a popular place for houseboats.

Bluffers Park 2

Part of the main building in Bluffers Park Marina is built right over the water. There is a nice looking pub and restaurant. It’s too bad we didn’t get a chance to try either of them out.

You can find a lot of information on their website: http://www.bluffersparkmarina.ca/boat-slips/

Tired of all the driving

We live about two hours away from Bluffer’s Park Marina and we’ve travelled back and forth on highway 401 more than I wanted to over the last month.

  1. Initial viewing of our new CS34
  2. Second visit with Lori and kids
  3. Survey
  4. Launch day
  5. Return to pickup vehicle after sailing boat to Cobourg

Many of the trips we had to bring a second vehicle and added close to 2,000 kms to our vehicles. It’s a convenient location for those living in Toronto and a nice facility for winter storage for your boat, but I’m glad that I never have to go there again. I just hate the long drive and dealing with the traffic and crowds around the marina.

Access to the marina by car

The whole area by Bluffers Park Marina is extremely busy on the summer weekends. The entrance to Brimley Rd off Kingston Rd is blocked by police on the weekends and only those with a valid access pass can get in. And if you are travelling westbound on Kingston Road you the left turn is also blocked. Seems like easiest way to get in is to be travelling eastbound on Kingston Rd and you can talk to the police officers as you are making a right hand turn into the park area. And don’t expect a smile from the police officer, they are dealing with rude people all day in the heat, they just want to keep traffic flowing as quickly as possible.

Bluffers Park Map

Click here for full Google Maps page for Bluffers Park Marina.

The marina has its own parking that is free for boaters at the marina. But spaces are limited. If you can’t get in there, you will need to go back up the road and find public parking but rates are expensive and I believe you can only park for a maximum of 24 hours.

Access Marina by boat

The entrance through the main channel is tight, pay close attention to the red and green buoys as you come in. Call ahead on VHF channel 68 or call +1 416 266-4556.

Bluffers Park Marina

You can find a larger version of the above map on their site: Bluffers Park Marina Boat Slips (PDF)

Locks locks and more locks

Everything is locked down. To get into boat yard, you need a transponder for your vehicle or have someone else let you in. The gate was sometimes open on weekdays. If you are walking to your boat there are a number of different codes you will need to remember.

  • Main gate access code
  • Slip access code (each dock finger has a different gate and required access code)
  • Bathroom access code (separate codes for men and women)


Keep this in mind as you leave your boat and these doors close behind you. And yes, I got stuck with a wheelbarrow full of gear trying to get to my boat because I had forgotten the code for the gate.