We used our insurance company to provide us with a list of surveyors they would accept. From the top two recommended surveyors we selected DS Marine. Mostly because their website shows that they actively present and blog about boats and the surveyor, David Sanford, has a CS36 Merlin.

I met Vic, Val and the surveyor at the boat and waited while the surveyor went through the boat from top to bottom. Vic and Val had setup chairs in the shade under the boat.

The survey went well, after Dave went through the boat he invited me on to go over a few issues he found. It was just as we were expecting, everything in great shape but a few minor things to look at:

  • Some moisture detected in the fiberglass cover on the deck covering the lines
  • Need a carbon monoxide detector
  • LPG tank needs to be protected better in the locker and could use a fuel gauge
  • Lines are approaching end of life
  • Positive terminals should have a plastic cover
  • Suggested a better battery charger, the existing one is the original which sends a constant rate to the batteries, newer ones are smarter and can extend the life of the batteries

A day later Dave sent us the formal report via e-mail and we sent him paying ($19/ft + travel time) by EFT.

CS34 Boat Survey Cover