We stumbled across this beer called “Foghorn” in the liquor store and had to try it out!

Of course, it was the name and the artwork that drew me to it. But it’s also from one of my favourite breweries here in Ontario, Lake of Bays.

Just realized the screenshot above doesn’t have the name, Foghorn.

Part way through my first one, it’s a juicy IPA with 6.2% alcohol, we sat back and admired the artwork on the can and came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea. Would this image look good on a spinnaker!?

Really bad photoshop of this image on a spinaker

We are currently debating on adding to our Precision Sails order. Currently getting a new mainsail and jib, what if we got ourselves a Christmas present and bought ourselves an asymmetrical spinnaker? We couldn’t have a plain one, that would be too boring.

No idea what it would take to get an image like this on a spinnaker, but I’ve started the process by sending Lake of Bays Brewery an e-mail asking them about the artwork to see if they are interested in letting us use the image.

What do you think? Would it look good or bad? It’s very different from our logo and colour palette.

The beer, by the way, is really good. You need to be an IPA fan and you need to like sweet oranges (they say it’s pineapple and orange, I taste tangerine). It’s a good blend, I really hope this one sticks around. Will definitely be loading the boat up with it next spring!