Currently in the Thousand Islands

We made it back to our favourite place and currently anchored near the Lake Fleet. It’s been a fantastic trip so far with lots of adventures, stories and blunders to share.

Working off phone and data so won’t be posting full stories until we get back but here’s a few quick highlights so far.

  • Overnight sail from Cobourg to Amherst Island. Playing in the shipping lanes at night.
  • Crazy storm at anchor in Kerr Bay.
  • Figuring out the new sails. A few days later we finally figure out a fast and easy way to raise the main.
  • Another trip to the hospital.
  • Confederation Basin Marina
  • Fan on our fridge stops with a painfully loud death
  • Forgetting how to start the engine at the fuel dock
  • Lori gets violently attacked by our drone.
  • Chatting with other CS owners on the radio, Amadeus with a CS30.
  • Anchored off Sugar Island

We are floating around the area for the next week. Let me know if you have any suggested anchorages!

Here’s a few quick videos I uploaded when we had wifi.

New sails from Precision Sails
Storm in Kerr Bay

Not much to see until the lightning flashes. Turn up the volume for the full effect.

4 thoughts on “Currently in the Thousand Islands

  1. Sisu 3 says:

    Hey! we’re Iroquois neighbours of Vitae and based out of Gan Drop a line if you need anything from “the city”, we’ll be down to Gan – Friday lateish morning

    1. Shane says:

      Thank you soo much for the offer! Gotta love the friendly and helpful boating community! We just started heading West today through 40 Acres, the wind was so good we just kept going. Now in Navy Bay, by Kingston. If we don’t see you this trip let us know if you ever need anything in Cobourg!

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Shane,
    We are spending the summer down here in the Thousand Islands. Currently anchored in Mulcaster.
    For a excursion, you can dinghy to the Ivy Lee Restaurant. Just
    North (50 ft) of the restaurant by foot is a little ice cream cafe you can get a cone. Pretty spot.
    For the wicked storm you speak of (tornados across Ontario)we were in Beaurivage. Should have known better and left before it came, but we didn’t and sure enough we dragged in the wicked squall. After an hour and a half long lapse of wild events, narrowly avoiding dragging into another boat, and holding station in the east channel, we escaped unharmed and nothing broken.
    We will potentially be heading farther up the St Lawrence for the month of August but since July have been cruising around the islands.
    Take care and enjoy,
    ‘Bellos’ CS36T

    1. Shane says:

      Too bad we missed you Nick. Wish we could have stayed longer but need to be back at work Tuesday. 😕

      Glad you survived that squall unscathed! It was a fun one.

      Making a note of the ice cream near Ivy Lea. Next time!

      I have a bunch of pics and videos I’ll upload here. Have pics of a few other CS boats along the way.


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