We made it back to our favourite place and currently anchored near the Lake Fleet. It’s been a fantastic trip so far with lots of adventures, stories and blunders to share.

Working off phone and data so won’t be posting full stories until we get back but here’s a few quick highlights so far.

  • Overnight sail from Cobourg to Amherst Island. Playing in the shipping lanes at night.
  • Crazy storm at anchor in Kerr Bay.
  • Figuring out the new sails. A few days later we finally figure out a fast and easy way to raise the main.
  • Another trip to the hospital.
  • Confederation Basin Marina
  • Fan on our fridge stops with a painfully loud death
  • Forgetting how to start the engine at the fuel dock
  • Lori gets violently attacked by our drone.
  • Chatting with other CS owners on the radio, Amadeus with a CS30.
  • Anchored off Sugar Island

We are floating around the area for the next week. Let me know if you have any suggested anchorages!

Here’s a few quick videos I uploaded when we had wifi.

New sails from Precision Sails
Storm in Kerr Bay

Not much to see until the lightning flashes. Turn up the volume for the full effect.