Playing around with the GoPro video editor on my tablet and created a short video of the first “real” sail with our new sails from Precision Sails.

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Still playing with the Genoa car location and learning to properly tune the sails. We had an issue with the new reef locations, our current reefing lines are now too short! Oops. But we love how small the second reef makes our main sail now!

Finding it a lot easier to raise the main by having one person at the mast pulling the main halyard down and ensuring reefing lines are free. While a second person is pulling in the slack line and then tightening at the winch.

Dropping the sail was a mess first few times but now sails are getting new fold marks and are now self folding within the lazy jacks. We are starting to think of a happy pack.

Super excited we were able to upgrade our original sails. We no longer dread raising the main or worry about how many new rips would appear in our Genoa! Our Genoa can now be pulled tight for pinching the wind. It rests just off the mast spreaders. Our previous sail couldn’t get anywhere close. And we are no longer flying a patchwork sail, I think we have 20+ patches on our original Genoa. Thinking of an assymetrical spinnaker for those lighter wind days but we’ve blown our sail budget for now.