Foggy finally gets launched! Feels like we have distractions every year that limits our time on the boat. This year we had some good distractions (a new baby in the family).

We have have a new mechanic working on our boat to fix the oil leak. We decided to ask Loyalist Cove to launch Foggy without us. This will allow the mechanic to work on and test the engine in the water. Felt like an absent parent during her big day. But we got ourselves up to Loyalist Cove a few days later to load some gear and check on some things.

We love our new view from our slip at Loyalist Cove Marina, we look across to Amherst Island and we are excited about all the cleats available. This dock has four plus one more at the bow, all to ourselves! We used to share these in Cobourg, and had to deal with this. The two white loops are our lines. The rest of the mess if from our neighbour.

Sharing a tie up with our neighbour in Cobourg Marina

Our slip is at the Southern side of Loyalist and have an unobstructed view of Amherst Island.

We treated the weekend like a mini vacation. Did a few chores cleaning and prepping the boat and slowly unloaded the gear from the car. We spent most of the time just relaxing, we needed it, it felt great!

This will be our first summer at Loyalist Cove. The people here are all amazing and friendly. It’s an extremely relaxed atmosphere and we are excited about the new clubhouse they are fixing up. It’s a very different vibe from our usual home port of Cobourg: much quieter, no tourists wandering around, no RV park, no Coast Guard station, no restaurants, no car headlights facing directly at us from the parking lot, … I think we will miss some of that atmosphere.

We are excited about the anchoring options within a short sail away. And we won’t have to spend 2-3 days of our vacation just getting to the Thousand Islands. Only down side is the bugs. Definitely more bugs here than Cobourg. This spider web was cleared the day before and was like this the next morning.

And then there’s the bugs that seem to stick to fiberglass, die and leave a strange mark.

Of course, I had to check out the other boats. Found a few more CS sailboats.

CS36 Merlin Sea Lion

Found a nice CS36 Meriln. I’ve always liked these. They are a slightly larger version of the CS34 with a very similar layout inside. I noticed the scuppers in the cockpit were blocked and a pool of water was forming. It’s one of those few moments where I think it’s OK to step on a boat you don’t own. I cleared the scuppers and drained the water.

CS36 Traditional Three Rivers

This one was in the yard and looks like it’s getting a bit of work done on the hull.

This CS33 has an exciting adventure ahead of it. The lady on board is prepping the boat to sail to Halifax.

There were a number of other interesting boats, I won’t share them all but I thought this collection of Nonsuch sailboats were interesting.

We still have a number of distractions to take care of before we finish getting Foggy ready. Also waiting on the mechanic to finish the engine work. Looking forward to another summer on the water!