Look what the courier just dropped off at our doorstep! We are so excited!

The new battens are partial and flat. And unlike our current 20 year old battens they don’t leave fiberglass splinters! There’s a lot of force behind that tape so be extra careful cutting it. I was braced for it but there was more force than I was expecting!

Don’t think these sails will ever be folded so perfectly ever again.

Main sail looked great.

We are putting in a new low friction track on our mast (a Sail Track from Tides Marine). I was expecting the metal slugs to be installed but see they just put in the loops. Was also expecting the batten receptacles, but I now see they are only needed for full battens. It looks rugged, the sail is protected with an extra wrap of plastic around the brass grommet.

Two really minor issues, I’m not even bothering to tell Precision because it’s not that big of a deal.

  1. We wanted to keep the main sail clean, no numbers, no draft stripes. But the main has numbers. Ahh well, we decided it’s better for others to be able to identify us if there was ever an emergency.
  2. The colours on our logo are slightly off. Maybe this is an issue with the file I provided. I should have asked more questions about the end colour.

Colour on the jib is lighter than what we were expecting. But maybe it’s going to make it a bit more subtle. We also made the mistake of getting the lettering, were were thinking just the logo but going back to the proof they sent us, it was on there.

Overall, we are very excited and happy with what we received from Precision Sails. The quality of the work looks really good. Can’t wait to see them on our boat. Actually, I’m still nervous about that. What if I made a mistake in my measurements?!