We found some amazing fans for our boat that work perfectly for our needs and setup.

I love having a fan running while I sleep on a hot, humid night on the boat. We’ve been looking at the most popular fan, Caframo. They are solid, well built and locally produced. But… expensive! And need to be hard wired. Maybe one day we will have a few of these on board. For now, we did the fast and quick method of ordering a cheap fan through Amazon. Lori has become a pro at ordering things from Amazon over the past year and half. She found these:

I giggle like an eight year old whenever I see the name of this fan. Fortunately it only appears on the box.

Here’s the fan in our main cabin. I think they look great, especially with the blue fan blades. They can be placed almost anywhere with a spring loaded clip. The clip is a little difficult to compress but it makes it solid wherever you put it. There are nice thick foam pads so it will protect whatever you are clamping on. The fan head rotates and swivels so it can be directed in almost any direction. I need to cover the name in the center, the fact that it’s always on the wrong angle bugs me.

Notice, no wires? It has a built in 10,000mAh battery pack so it is portable. We ran one for several hours in our cockpit and worked great. Manufacturer claims 6-24 hours working time depending on speed.

We will mostly run these in our berths at night time and will connect them to our boat using our USB charging stations. The fans can use up to 2 amps to charge and run at full speed. There are two inputs, one USB-C and one USB-A on the back. Fortunately our USB chargers have just enough power, they are rated up to 2.1 amps. See the post USB Charging Station to learn more about our Blue Seas USB chargers.

blue sea power outlet

I was impressed by the amount of air pushed by these fans and they are almost silent. Overnight I did notice a motor humming noise on top of the fan noise but it’s not bad. You can change the speed with a small button on the back of the fan. It also has LED lights on the back to indicate fan speed and battery level.

As for durability, I have no idea yet. Build quality seems decent. I did drop it once (yes, I’m clumsy) and it still works flawlessly.

Links to purchase

I don’t get anything from these links, or by promoting this product. I’m just sharing as an FYI. Links and prices grabbed in June 2021.

Direct with Opolar

You can buy direct from the manufacturer for $39.99 USD with world-wide free shipping. They state it’s currently on sale from $78.99 USD.

Opolar 10000mAh Rechareable Battery Operated Clip on Fan (opolar.com)

Amazon links

Here’s the fan on Amazon.ca for $45.99 CAD + $12.09 shipping & import fees.

Here’s the fan on Amazon.com for $39.99 USD.